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Development - manufacturing - production of innovative media technology

heddier electronics develops, manufactures and distributes sophisticated audio- and video technology, sensor- and multimedia technology for museums, galeries and exhibitions, for trade fairs, for the shop and retail segment as well as for the industry. Among intelligent audio and video stations for various and permanent use, we offer digital amplifiers. Developed by our specialists, these comply to the highest quality standards.



For more than 25 years our products have been working reliably all around the world. We deliver quality, know-how and long-standing experience. The installations are carried out within the agreed time plan and in close co-operation with our clients. Therefore, our project managers focus on your special needs.


Service & maintenance

Our devices and applications are developed for reliable and trouble-free use. Our customers benefit from our significant long-term experience and our professional expertise. If you need support, our experts are the right ones to ask - also for third-party devices. Overall problems analysis as well as the development and implementation of rapid solutions go without saying for us.


Software development & programming

Our software developers create experiences.
Based on the latest technology, they work on unique interactive solutions: From the development of costumer-friendly application software, to programming individual multi-touch applications and driver software, our team is able to use a wide range of multimedial and technical opportunities. Our strength lies in the development of micro-control applications optimised for several processors.



heddier elctronics considers itself not only as a distributor of high class electronic systems, but wishes to be seen as experts specialised in offering solutions particularly aimed to our customers, at museums, retailer, planners, designers and architects. In this context good communication and team spirit are as well self-evident as a ´creative´ and goal-oriented handling of our electronic- and software technology.


Presentations & further training

As diverse as our technology is also its potential use. To give you a practical insight of our strength in depth, heddier electronics offers presentations and further training on a regular basis for interested customers.




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