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Audio kit with 26 Push Buttons

Audio kit with 26 Push Buttons
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Product no.: AK-26T
Audio kit with 26 Push Buttons

Audio kit with 26 Push Buttons


heddier electronic offers understandable solutions for multimedia audio stations. Including the reinforced heddier components while being preconfigured and easy to install, heddier audio kits become a compact package, even technical untrained people can use.


Nevertheless, our support will help you with any problem or question. Feel free to contact our support.


An easy solution for any audio station is the audio kit AK-26T. It comes with a fully preconfigured Interactive Audio Player IAP-1, its Power Supply NT-12-2A, 26 Push Button ET-1, the Extension Board IO26 and the necessary Speaker MO-LS. This kit will play audio files whenever someone pushes one of the 26 push buttons. This gives the ability to use 26 different audio files. If requested, you can upgrade the kit, for example with the heddier Touch Sensor (article MM-S).



Interactive Audio Player IAP-1

The Audio Player IAP-1 is especially designed for a continuous 24/7 operation. Unlike PCs or HD-Players, the Audio Player IAP-1 can function entirely without loose or moveable parts such as fans or hard drives. We will fully configure the IAP-1 for broadcasting audio whenever someone pushes a button. This doesn’t exclude the ability to setup the IAP-1 for other tasks. Audio kits that support sensors can be found here.


Extension Board IO26

The 26 channel I/O extension board was especially designed for meeting the requirements of media devices engineered by heddier. The 26 channel I/O extension board is identical in size with the interactive Audio Player IAP-1 and can thus be simply affixed piggyback-style to the player circuit board. The circuit board features 26 digital I/O channels which can be used for hooking up pushbuttons (make contacts) or LEDs (max. current consumption 20mA).


Stainless Steel Pushbutton ET-1

The product line of heddier electronic also includes a Stainless Steel Push Button ET-1. It is exceptionally small. Thus it can be integrated into almost any exhibit without difficulty. Properly installed, it is indestructible and will be of good service for a long period of time.


Speaker MO-LS

This all-round Speaker MO-LS with a diameter of approximately 95 mm is an ideal mixture of size and impact. It can be integrated and concealed within almost any exhibit. Its output is powerful enough to drown out nearby noises while at the same time its play-back performance offers an ultimately clear and harmonious sound.


Optional: Hörknubbel (article HS-HK)

Depending on the use of the audio kit, you are able to choose the heddier Hörknubbel instead of the Speaker MO-LS.


Delivery content:

Interactive Audio Player IAP-1 (circuit board)

Power supply NT-12-2A

4 x bar spacer for installation
1 GB SD card with settings file

Extension Board IO26
Speaker MO-LS

26 Stainless Steel Push Buttons ET-1


All components have the necessary connections and are able to use out of the box.

 Technical modifications and errors reserved.



Download Audio kit with 26 Push Buttons brochure

This product is compatible with:

Stainless steel pushbutton ET-1

Stainless steel pushbutton ET-1

Indestructible and reliable Stainless steel pushbutton

26 Channel I/O Extension Board

26 Channel I/O Extension Board

Add-on board for interactive audio and video players

All-round speaker MO-LS

All-round speaker MO-LS

All-round speaker MO-LS for integration

Interactive audio player IAP-1

Interactive audio player IAP-1

Interactive Audioplayer with pushbutton / sensor connector

This Product was added to our catalogue on Tuesday 10 February, 2015.

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