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Video kit with 10 Touch Sensors, resolution Full HD

Video kit with 10 Touch Sensors, resolution Full HD
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Product no.: VK-HD-MM
Video kit with 10 Touch Sensors, resolution Full HD

Video kit with 10 Touch Sensors


heddier electronic offers understandable solutions for multimedia video stations. Including the reinforced heddier components while being preconfigured and easy to install, heddier video kits become a compact package, even technical untrained people can use.


Nevertheless, our support will help you with any problem or question. Feel free to contact our support.


An easy solution for any video station is the video kit VK-HD-MM. It comes with a fully preconfigured Flashplayer FP-PRO-HD, its Power Supply NT-12-2A, the Audio Amplifier HE-HIFI, 10 Mirrormaid Touch Sensors MM-S, the Adapterboard 1000i FP-PRO-MMC and the necessary Speaker MO-LS. This kit will play video files whenever someone touches one of the 10 touch sensors. This gives the ability to use 10 different video files. If requested, you can upgrade the kit, for example with the Stainless Steel Pushbutton (article ET-1).



Flashplayer FP-PRO-HD

The video and audio files are saved on an SD card and can thus be played without any mechanical wear. This guarantees high life expectancy and simultaneously secures operation even under adverse conditions. The device features all controlling applications you can expect from a professional Solid-State-Player. Certainly it is also possible to hook up any of heddier electronic's multiple sensors so that the Flashplayer FP-PRO-HD could be controlled by push buttons and also by radar, touch or proximity sensor. Video kits that support sensors can be found here.


Mirrormaid Touch Sensor MM-S

The Mirrormaid Touch Sensor MM-S is connected with miscellaneous kinds of electrics. For this, the external interface EXT offers several control cables. The sensor electronic is also part of the Mirrormaid kit. The hook-up of the Mirrormaid Sensor is realized through 30 meter connecting cable. The connecting cable's maximum length primarily depends on the cable's width and the hook-up of potentially required LEDs. The sensor is able to grow a touch sensitive field. If it would be mounted behind an object, for example, and someone would touch it, the sensor would trigger the Flashplayer FP-PRO-HD, which then plays one of the 10 video files related to the object.


Audio Amplifier HE-HIFI

The compact Audio Amplifier HE-HIFI is the perfect match for being used with the Flashplayer FP-PRO-HD. The audio amplifier has stereo chinch inputs and an output for stereo-speakers. The maximum output power is 2x10 Watt RMS.


Speaker MO-LS

This all-round Speaker MO-LS with a diameter of approximately 95 mm is an ideal mixture of size and impact. It can be integrated and concealed within almost any exhibit. Its output is powerful enough to drown out nearby noises while at the same time its play-back performance offers an ultimately clear and harmonious sound.

Optional: Hörknubbel (article HS-HK)

Depending on the use of the video kit, you are able to choose the heddier Hörknubbel instead of the Speaker MO-LS.


Delivery content:

Flashplayer FP-PRO-HD

Power Supply NT-12-2A
1GB SD card with settings file

Audio Amplifier HE-HIFI

Speaker MO-LS

10 Mirrormaid Touch Sensors

Adapterboard 1000i FP-PRO-MMC


All components have the necessary connections and are able to use out of the box.

 Technical modifications and errors reserved.



You can find a display for your individual needs at Displays & projectors. If you need help finding the perfect display, feel free to contact our support.



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This Product was added to our catalogue on Tuesday 10 February, 2015.

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