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Especially for multimedia video installations or picture presentations the use of video projectors is indispensable. heddier electronic uses projectors that excel with high contrasting, powerful colours and a higher lifespan, even in 24/7 use. Projectors can be mounted flexibly, for example, up site down or very close to the projection screen. The implementation of your video installation will be set to almost no limits, if you keep just a few things in mind.


In order to help you find the best possible solution for your video installation, the following questions should be clarified in advance:



Surrounding light influences


Will the projector be used in a bright or a dark room?

Will it be used indoor or outdoor?

Are the surrounded light influences constant or do they change often?




Projection screen


Which size and resolution should the projected picture have?

Is the surface straight or slightly rounded?

Are there any exceptional circumstances like doors or

windows, which should be spared out by the projector?

Which surface does the projection screen have

(e.g. canvas or the wall of a building)?

Do you need several projectors, which generate one seamless picture?





Are you able to use a wall or a ceiling mount?

Will the projector be visible or hidden?

How big is the distance to the projection screen?

Is an extra case necessary, which regulates the

temperature of the projector in outdoor use?

Is the projector in danger of thievery and needs extra protection?



We are pleased to help you on planning your video installation with our vast experience.



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This product is compatible with:

Full HD Solid-State-Videoplayer FP-PRO HD

Full HD Solid-State-Videoplayer FP-PRO HD

Flashplayer with HD-Resolution - plays MPEG 1/2/4 (H.264), WMV, MP3, JPG

This Product was added to our catalogue on Monday 09 February, 2015.

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