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 29.02.2016: Rearrangement of the Klaus-Groth-Museum in Heide - full media equipment provided by heddier electronic + + + 20.02.2016: heddier electronic develops a new “volume level measurement exhibit” for the DASA in Dortmund - the visitors of the museum get a visual feedback of surrounding noise exposures + + + 19.02.2016: heddier electronic gets the opportunity to completely redesign the media technique used at Musée national d’histoire naturelle in Luxemburg + + + 10.01.2016: heddier opens the new season equipping several outdoor installations with media technique. For example Nationalparkverwaltung Bayerischer Wald Grafenau, Vogelpark Herborn, Freilichtmuseum Glentleiten, Erlebsnisvogelpark Marlow, Freilichtmuseum Hagen etc.+ + + 04.01.2016: The Till Eulenspiegel museum looks ahead to use the new 4K Multi-touch table + + + 23.12.2015: Musée national d’histoire naturelle in Luxembourg uses 4K Multi-touch tables + + + 10.12.2015: heddier installs the new Multi-touch Table at NS-Dokumentationszentrum in Rheinland-Pfalz Osthofen + + +

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Since more than 25 years, we provide media technique, interactive exhibits, alarm systems and intelligent audio systems. Industry, museums and exhibitions, fair and shop constructors, designer, planner and architects belong to our customers.

Choose between ready assembled media stations, assembly kits for price-conscious customers or single components. You will find the best fitting solution for every challenge right here.

The website for professional media integrators and users comes with 200 ready to use exhibits, cost-efficient assembly kits, many components and devices.
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Special soundings Smallwonder audio amps Alarm systems Services

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