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For years, we have been manufacturing video play-back devices designed for presenting your products in grocery and DIY stores. Thanks to the low-priced cost/performance ratio our products clearly stand out from the crowd. The best guarantee for a high product life while maintaining an exceptionally constant quality is the unremitting rejection of employing mechanical play-back devices such as DVD or tape players. All of our devices include a pre-installed, high-performance MPEG-player playing MPEG videos as well as JPEG pictures.
Video-Präsenter Depending on the firmware it is possible to realize different performances:

Automatic activation of a videotape and play-back of closed loops (default setting).

Automatic activation of an intro video and selection of miscellaneous product videos. Return to intro video after having play-backed the product video.

Automatic activation and play-back of several product videos in one closed loop.

Our 8" Video-Presenter is a true high end product. Within the smallest space it offers the most advantageous of alternatives. Even from a steep viewing angle the high-quality 8" display offers an excellent view. The integrated timer facilitates a precise switching on and off. Our 8" Video-Presenter can be installed at or in any sales rack-a truly space saving as well as striking alternative to present your product. On request, we are more than happy to inform you on matching holding fixtures.
8 Video
If you wish to use a larger display for your presentation we suggest the bright and ultra-bright TFT displays. Thanks to the very high illumination-performance these displays can also be employed for areas which are situated in daylight. On request, an automatic daylight adjustment is available. The display's activation is carried out via the VGA or DVI interface. Some TFT displays allow the activation directly via the integrated S-Video-interface. This way it is possible to directly hook up a MPEG player or any other play-back device. Owing to various designs the installation is conceivably easy.
Further TFT or LCD displays are available on request.

 heddier Flashplayer Pro 1000i heddier Flashplayer Pro 1000i

Flash Player with direct control inputs, integrated NF-amplifier 2 x 7 watts, relay output and program control

 heddier Flashplayer FP-500 heddier Flashplayer FP-500

Low-Cost Flashplayer for Long-Term Operation

 heddier Sound Tube heddier Sound Tube

Touch sensitive sound tube

 HE-8 Video Player HE-8 Video Player
Individual product or exhibit information

 HiFi Amplifier HiFi Amplifier
Compactly HiFi Amplifier

 15 15" (38,1 cm) TFT display in an installation case

15" (38,1 cm) TFT, very high brightness, S-Video, VGA and DVI input

 15 15" (38,1 cm) open frame TFT display

15" (38,1 cm) open frame TFT, normal brightness, VGA input

 17 17" (43,18 cm) TFT display in an installation case

17" (43,18 cm) TFT, high brightness, S-Video, VGA and DVI input

 17 17" (43,18 cm) TFT display in an installation case

17" (43,18 cm) TFT, very high brightness, S-Video, VGA and DVI input

 17 17" open frame TFT display

17" (43,18 cm) open frame TFT, high brightness, S-Video, VGA and DVI input

 19 19" (48,26 cm) open frame TFT display

19" (48,26 cm) open frame TFT, normal brightness, VGA input

 Surface sound speaker LS-KS Surface sound speaker LS-KS

High-Quality Rendering of Vocal and Music Files through solid material, 4 - 8 ohm, 30 watt R.M.S. max. capacity

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