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Talking Info-Boards
Talking Info-Boards
Talking Info-Boards

Captivate your visitors and guests with the talking info-boards made by heddier electronic GmbH. The info-boards were designed both for indoor and outdoor use. Solar energy ensures an easy and unproblematic outdoor use. T-coils for the hearing impaired can be integrated on demand.

Knowledge of any kind can swiftly, easily, and effectively be transmitted by way of info-boards. The game mode playfully and thrillingly quizzes the user to facilitate a level of interaction that is particularly high. Of course, it is possible to program the info-boards for multilingual operation. Let your imagination run wild. Furthermore, it is possible to put into practice the most diverse forms of digital interaction, for example running quizzes or educational games (e.g. identifying animal sounds, tracking animals, classifying local fish, guessing barks and leaves of native trees as well as forwarding information and background info on miscellaneous subject areas and much more).

heddier info-boards are the perfect complement to wildlife parks, hiking trails, zoos, museums and city guides. Since they also support the visually and hearing impaired, heddier info-boards ensure compliance with the legally required accessibility for the handicapped. Additionally, financing also becomes easier by selling free space to sponsors for advertisement purposes.

Our interactive boards are not ready-made, mass-produced devices to be bought off-the-shelf. Quite the contrary: Each individual interactive board is uniquely developed and engineered in order to meet individual requirements and demands. On these pages, we are only able to offer a brief insight and overview of our boards’ functionality. Thus, please do not hesitate to contact us - we will be happy to advise you comprehensively and competently.

Technical Specifications

Our successful IAP-1 provides the technological basis for the interactive boards. The heddier Audio-Player IAP-1 is a high-performance interactive player and hence the ideal output device for MP3 audio files. The Audio-Player IAP-1 is designed for a 24/7 long-term use. It is possible to additionally hook up push-buttons and sensors.

The power consumption of the interactive boards is extremely low. Outdoor operation can, for example, be facilitated via solarpanels. Crank handle generators support utilization at shaded locations.

Fields of Application
  • zoos, hiking trails, nature reserves & wildlife parks, museums, exhibitions, fairs, ...
  • assigning of animal paws / tracks
  • recognizing barks and leaves
  • identifying animal sounds
  • distinguishing poisonous and edible mushrooms
  • recognizing native fish
  • identifying bird calls
  • information on sights and places of interest
  • background information on miscellaneous subject areas
  • ...

Further Information
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on the above. Needless to say, we are at your disposal should you like to try out our interactive boards to test them for functionality and effectiveness.

Technical modifications and errors reserved.

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Monday 11 July, 2011.

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