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Product no.: HS-HK
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Shipping time: prompt, short term
HS-HK Hörknubbel
HS-HK Hörknubbel
HS-HK Hörknubbel
HS-HK Hörknubbel
HS-HK Hörknubbel
HS-HK Hörknubbel
HS-HK Hörknubbel

The Hörknubbel: Flexible • Indestructible • Premium Sound • Future-Proof

Since 1989 heddier electronic has been developing and engineering products designed for use in the public sector. Decades of experience and cooperative ventures with museums, exhibitions and contract furnishers inspired us to create yet another pioneering tool to accomplish extraordinary sound experiences in public domains: the Hörknubbel.

Get to know our flexible Hörknubbel along with its advantages. Our Hörknubbel is a worthwhile and long-lasting investment.

The Hörknubbel excels through its high-quality premium sound that allows authentic play-back of audio files. Forget everything you heard before.

We aim to please. We grant a 36 month warranty*, a 24 h spare-parts service along with the unique service to refurbish your Hörknubbel even after years of use to restore it to an almost new condition.

The Hörknubbel

The Hörknubbel is a handset of the latest generation. In addition to its elegantly timeless design it offers high protection against vandalism and wear-phenomena that often accompany everyday museum and exhibition life. Operation and handling is considerably easy and straightforward so that truly every visitor is able to use it. Due to its clear design, the visitor intuitively holds the Hörknubbel to his or her ear and is immediately struck by a sound never experienced before. It is even possible to provide sound for smaller groups with only one single Hörknubbel.

Our engineers were careful to design a tool that can be used by one or more persons since the compact case made of stainless steel and aluminium also feature a first-rate HiFi speaker with a maximum volume of 10 watt. The speaker allows a spectrum of frequencies that surpasses anything experienced so far. Thus, the optimized bass performance enables the authentic play-back of speakers with deep voices.

Needless to say that the Hörknubbel immediately reacts upon being picked up from its station and will start to automatically play-back the respective audio or video file. Mounting is implemented via a magnet and so that the device is thus not subject to wear and tear. Likewise, it is even possible to mount the station for overhead use.

A weak point of many competing products is the cable connecting the ear piece and station. The Hörknubbel, however, does not make any compromises: We use identically constructed armored cables that are also used for public phones by phone companies such as the Telekom. This way we can guarantee an optimal degree of flexibility as well as breakage safety and buckling resistance. Additionally, the armored cable's slim design further enhances the Hörknubbel's aesthetic appeal. Also, it is not possible to remove the armored cables as they are secured by covered screws that ensure any attempt to unfasten the cables.

The Hörknubbel is effectively secured against damage through improperly tuned amplifiers via an internally set protective circuit. This way any kind if damage or destruction of the Hörknubbel due to overstressing is not possible.

The Hörknubbel was built to last. More than anything, this objective is reflected in the material used and the way the Hörknubbel is constructed: all parts are made of stainless steel or aluminium. All visible screws feature coded safety caps. The speaker is protected by a specially developed stainless steel grid. Any kind of penetration of the 1mm sound outlet holes through blunt objects is practically impossible. Likewise, the fine grid also protects the paper of the speaker cone from dirt.

Our engineers are able to dismantle the Hörknubbel into its individual components within only a few minutes. Hence, we are able to quickly (and inexpensively) repair any kind of damages that might have occurred despite the high degree of protective measures that have been taken to secure the Hörknubbel. Parts stained with Graffiti can easily be cleaned and polished with an inexpensive fleece.

As a special service we offer to refurbish your Audio-Grip at a special price. Your Hörknubbel is dismantled into its components and all parts are cleaned in an ultrasonic bath and polished afterwards. After this service, there is no sign of wear and utilisation over the past few years.

In addition to our standard designs, it is possible to select your customized color.* It is also possible to engrave the case.* Our sales personnel are happy to assist you with the manifold possibilities to individually design your Hörknubbel.

The Hörknubbel and its advantages at a glance:
• ergonomically appealing design and easy handling
• easy to clean and care - including inexpensive refurbishing service by manufacturer
• extremely high protection against vandalism and wear and tear
• extra robust construction featuring highly resistant material - employment of armored cables
• premium sound thanks to integrated HiFi speaker - best possible play back of sound, language and music - high efficiency reserve without delays
• high audio performance allowing operation for smaller visitor groups
• integrated protective circuit against damage caused by overstressing through improperly tuned amplifiers
• customized color* and case design*
• complete scope of delivery with mounting plate, mounting material and control output - no hidden costs
• reasonable price and fast availability, 24 h spare-parts service
• 36 month warranty*

Technical data:
frequency response: 150 - 20.000 Hz
rated power: 4 Watt
rated power: 10 Watt
impedance: 4 Ohm
limitation circuit: yes, electronically
average sound pressure level: 84 dB (1W/1m)
resonance frequency:

250 Hz

material: stainless steel and aluminium
connecting cable: armored cable, length 900 mm
temperature range: - 25 °C up to + 70 °C
connecting cable audio:
length approx. 200 cm, with open ends of cables
connecting cable control output:

length approx. 200 cm, 2pole
contact closed => earpiece removed
contact open => earpiece in bracket

size: diameter Hörknubbel® 77 mm, height 57 mm
diameter station 98 mm, height 20 mm
weight: handset approx. 350 grams
wall mount with armored cable approx. 380 grams
scope of delivery: Hörknubbel feat. carrier plate
operation and installation manual (German/English)
drilling template for mounting
installation kit
polishing and cleaning pad
cardboard packaging
optional: customized color for case*
customized engravings on casing cover*

Weitere Informationen
* The warranty does not cover damages based on vandalism and/or improper handling. Normal wear and tear is not a warranty case. Customized design of cases and color are subject to additional charges. Depending on the design, subsequent refurbishing (as a standard service by heddier) of the Hörknubbel may be charged extra. heddier electronic GmbH is authorized to modify the products properties and features at any time and without prior notice. Subject to technical errors. Hörknubbel® is a registered trademark of heddier electronic GmbH.
Technical modifications and errors are subject to change without further notice.

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Friday 11 November, 2011.

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