Adjust the volume to the setting

The Hörknubbel is the only single-handset on the market that is able to fill entire rooms with sound to serve larger visitors’ groups at the same quality as delivering sound for individual visitors only. By pushing the booster switch, it is possible to switch and select between different volumes. 

 Booster amplifier for Hörknubbel

    • Low volume and no bother for individual visitors
    • By pushing the booster switch it is possible to slightly turn up the volume for groups, families and the hearing impaired
    • Maximum volume for guided museum tours secured by a key switch

The Hörknubbel sustainably reduces the noise in museums by a large degree. It enhances the visitor’s comfort and eases the staff members working conditions.

On request, we deliver two versions of the booster switch:

Boost switch 1 (article HK-BOOST-ET1)
- featuring stainless steel switch for smaller visitors’ groups and for supporting the hearing impaired

Boost switch 2 (article HK-BOOST-SS)
- featuring key switch for guided tours

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