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heddier electronic GmbH offers a wide range of development services in the field of touch and multi-touch programming. For the design of the contents we work closely together with different graphic and design companies. Thereby we guarantee a high degree of ergonomics and adaptation to your Corporate Design (CI). 

Our main development services at a glance:

  • Development of commercial, touristic or museum touch- and multi-touch solutions based on PC/Windows
  • Development of commercial, touristic or museum touch and multi-touch solutions based on BrightSign
  • Development of business software combined with Google Maps integration
  • Development of touch applications under Unity and C# (IOS, Windows, Android and Linux)

The customer is always in focus for us. You have an idea and are looking for the right solution - we are happy to help. 

A selection of our projects:

mt iphoneGeographical information systems for companies

In many applications it is desired to display company data geographically. The Google Maps application is ideally suited for this purpose. It enables a graphical and dynamic display of, for example, reference locations, branches and sales partners. The main task is to create an interface to the company database. The interface can be done by a data export or by a dynamic access. The application shows reference installations of the energy company 2G Energy AG of Heek in North Rhine-Westphalia.       

 mt 3d
Database connections and search tools 

Touch and multitouch systems are often used for research. The so-called in-depth levels must be queried via the user interface of the touch device. This requires the use of ergonomic virtual input keyboards, which must adapt dynamically to the respective situation and, if necessary, to the operating language. The picture shows the application of 2G Energy AG of Heek in North Rhine-Westphalia.

mt groß
Museum applications - experiencing history  

With several hundred programmed applications for the museum and exhibition sector, we are one of the leading companies in Europe. It is important to make the operation of the application simple and intuitive. It must be equally easy to use by children, experts, but also people with motor impairments. The application shows the barracks camp in Coesfeld-Lette. This software is very close to our hearts, because the barracks camp is located in our hometown Coesfeld

 mt x
Animations and graphics

Graphic animations and games are among the most complex programming.  Before the actual work of programming - the so-called coding - can begin, extensive graphic and conceptual work is necessary. Here we work together with other companies and specialists on an interdisciplinary basis. The picture shows a multitouch application for the adventure world Saalfelder Feengrotten.

mt ddr
Healthcare information systems

Multitouch applications are often used in the consultation and care of patients. Here, data must be presented in a clear and understandable way. All inputs should be designed in such a way that they have a high error tolerance. The user must have control over his input at all times. The guidelines of the DSGVO (Data Protection Regulation) must be strictly adhered to here. The application shows a survey on the perception of pain by the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe

mt outdoor
Market research and opinion polling

The use of touch devices for market and opinion research is widespread. Systems of this type are often used at trade fairs or in large salesrooms. In times of scarce personnel, the goal is to automate the applications to a large extent, therefore the operation should be simple and fun. This is achieved, for example, by graphical displays and clear user guidance. The results are stored in the system and can be retrieved at any time. The image shows an opinion poll on the Reformation year 2017.

mt projektion
Multitouch games and entertainment

Games and entertainment are part of many multitouch applications. heddier electronic GmbH has a large pool of modules that can be quickly and cost-effectively adapted to customer needs. The screenshot shows a so-called hidden object game. The aim is to recognize objects that do not belong in the picture. The application was developed for the LWL-Landesmuseum kult in Vreden

mt blindenwerkstatt 
Rummage table - the accumulation of knowledge  

The rummage table is simple, but also ingenious. The idea is that the customer himself places any number of cards on the multi-touch table. The cards can be placed in any position and have a freely selectable orientation and size. If the card is touched at a predefined position, it turns over. The back of the card can contain, for example, an explanation of the image or additional information. This makes it easy to display reference pictures and data sheets. The module does not require any programming by us and can be easily maintained by our customers.   

mt pult
Tourism hotspots

An essential task of tourist applications is to show so-called hotspots. The principle is always similar. The visitor sees a map with various hotspots. If he touches one of these points, a window opens with further information. The picture shows a tourist application for the Biological Stations in North Rhine-Westphalia

  mt wand
Quiz for single and multiplayer

The easiest way to deepen knowledge is through play. Therefore, knowledge quizzes are often among the applications on a multitouch device in museums and in the toristic field. The quiz can be used in both single and multiplayer mode. So up to 4 visitors can guess against each other and test their knowledge. The software is designed in such a way that the visitor always sees new or rearranged questions. Therefore it never gets boring. The picture shows a screenshot from a quiz for the city of Dülmen in North Rhine-Westphalia.

mt wand
Biographies and genealogical trees
Biographies are an integral part of museum applications. They can be presented interactively or statically. The picture shows the biography of Johannes Brahms in the Brahms House in Heide/Schleswig-Holstein.
mt wand
Web browser integration
The integration of web content is one of the standards of multitouch programming. Internet pages can be blocked (black list) or released (white list) by means of so-called white or black lists. Keyboard inputs are realized via virtual keyboards, just like on a smartphone. The example shows the website of the city of Dülmen in the city hall there.

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